Fresno, California Employment Law Attorney Goes Mobile


Fresno, California employment law attorney Kevin Schwin offers a range of employment oriented legal services for both employees and employers. He thus offers clients the benefits of having seen both sides. Where he assists employees who have been wrongfully underpaid or discriminated against in the workplace, he also works with employers to prevent these very issues in the first place — for example by consulting on the California Labor Code and the Industrial Welfare Commission’s Wage Orders to ensure that their wage practices comply with the law.

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"Serving the Employment Law Needs of Central California"

Kevin was one of many Modern Firm website design clients who converted their websites to mobile friendly designs this year. It's definitely gratifying when the basic design of a law firm website stands the test of time, visually and with regard to content. And Kevin's site still looked great. But, with users and Google calling for more security and responsive coding, it was time for an update. Now the website benefits from further encryption and may be viewed seamlessly on smartphones and other screens of all sizes.

The full website may be viewed here:

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Based in Fresno's historic Tower District, Schwin Law, PC practices employment law throughout California.

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