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"Rise From the Ashes" is a podcast website sponsored by Mundahl Law, a Maple Grove family law firm, to provide clients and prospective clients with the tools to understand what goes on in various family law matters, including divorce.

Attorney Susan Mundahl, the firm's founder and leader, has over 30 years of legal experience, most of it in the area of family law. Her practice philosophy is that couples and families deserve to have their family law matters handled with sensitivity and dignity, and that parties should have as much information as possible to make the decisions that affect their families' futures.

Mundahl Law understands that the family law process can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially for those who have never been involved in the legal system before. By sponsoring this collection of podcasts, the firm hopes to ease listeners' anxieties and make them more knowledgeable consumers of legal services.

The Website

"Conversations About Matters of the Family, Because—Family Matters"

The website features a clean, spare layout, allowing the focus to be on the podcasts themselves. Large, easy-to-navigate tabs allow site users to pinpoint podcast categories that might be of particular interest, to learn more about the podcast or sponsors, and to subscribe to the channel.

The header features the title of the site in warm terra cotta alongside a graphic of a phoenix in tones ranging from yellow to red; both the colors and the shapes in the graphic make it appear that the phoenix is ablaze.

In Greek mythology, the phoenix is a bird that dies in a burst of flame, then is reborn, rising from its own ashes. This seemed an apt metaphor for what can happen as a marriage ends: heat, chaos, and apparent destruction. The use of the phoenix symbol acknowledges all of that, while also pointing to a brighter future, in which people can emerge stronger from the ashes of the old relationship.

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Located in Maple Grove, Minnesota, Mundahl Law works with clients in the Northwest Metro area and the I-94 corridor, including Wright, Anoka, and Sherburne Counties.

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