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The Law Office of John A. Barber offers clients highly specialized and personalized criminal defense services throughout the state of Delaware. Attorney John Barber has a long and honorable history of defending others. Before becoming an attorney, he proudly served in the armed forces as a combat soldier and paratrooper. With his office conveniently located in Wilmington, Delaware, John is ready to fight and win for his clients across the state.

Highly Experienced and Highly Dedicated

After leaving the military and becoming an attorney, John worked for the Delaware Department of Justice. There, his hard work and dedication led him to become a supervising attorney. During his tenure as a prosecutor, he saw first-hand the profound impact criminal charges and convictions can have on an individual’s life. He decided to leave the Department of Justice and use his knowledge and experience as a skilled litigator to ensure the public has access to trustworthy and vigorous criminal defense advocacy.

John offers a plethora of Delaware criminal defense services. Among those services, he specializes in the often overlooked area of university student disciplinary proceedings. And while other criminal defense attorneys may offer driving under the influence defense, John offers information about DUI charges that are meant to educate the public so they can make an informed decision when it comes to their defense.  

Creating the Right Website

As with all our clients, the Law Office of John A. Barber was able to work with our team and select the right type of service to create the perfect website. John made it clear early on that he wanted to remain heavily involved with the written content on his website. This collaboration not only gave John the level of involvement he desired, it also proved to be cost-effective in the end.

While John provided a large portion of the written content, our team of experts built him a sleek, professional looking website while incorporating on-page SEO that increases web traffic. The homepage displays the different sections of the website and John’s focal-point practice areas in a clean, modern design. His contact information is available on each page of the website, along with an embedded Google map with his office location.

The full website may be viewed here:

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Located in Wilmington, Delaware, the Law Office of John A. Barber is ready to serve clients across the state in any criminal defense matter.

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