The Modern Firm Launches New Website for California Employment & Consumer Law Firm


The mission of the new Kizirian Law firm in California embodies the notion of "law for the little guy." Think of those unwanted, recorded solicitor's calls you get to your cell phone. Or that individual employee working unpaid overtime but afraid of losing their job if they speak up. That's where the Kizirian Law Firm comes in.

As California employment law and class action advocates, the firm helps individuals when their rights have been violated but they feel too isolated to make a difference. The firm handles individual and class action lawsuits, as well as arbitrations, in areas ranging from wrongful job termination and illegal sick time policies to false advertising and product liability.

The new website is designed for two primary purposes. First, educate employees and consumers about their rights in the firm's areas of practice. Second — and critically — to answer common questions about these types of lawsuits. Many individuals are concerned that they don't have a case, that they can't afford a lawyer, or that the money they lost was too minimal to justify fighting for their rights. Thus, the new site takes time to explain how the law firm handles the details while the client is able to get on with normal life.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

The Kizirian Law Firm, P.C. is based in Glendale and serves clients in Southern California and throughout the state.

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