Countdown to 2018 — #8: Bright Idea in Law Firm Website Design

Number 8, frosty snowflakes

The business attorneys of Integral Business Counsel, PLLC have a unique, boutique corporate law practice serving entrepreneurs, investors, and companies ranging from emerging to large, established entities. The unique aspect comes from their perspective: the attorneys, themselves, have deep entrepreneurial experience and they run their law firm, itself, the way they counsel their clients to function.

Above all, the firm makes great use of efficiencies — there is no unnecessary overhead or ego-boosting layers of support staff here. Further, consistent with their commitment to their clients' optimum budgets, the firm's rates reflect their internal efficiencies — they explicitly do not aim for egregious levels of profit, thus allowing for honest collaboration and true commitment to their clients and their bottom lines.

The Website

"Effective, efficient and affordable legal counsel from an entrepreneurial perspective."

Speaking of collaboration, Integral Counsel's new website design was very much driven by the firm, itself. And the lead off image on their home page — a lit, high efficiency lightbulb swinging away from its unlit, old-school peers — perfectly encapsulates their mission. 

The content includes mainstays such as descriptions of their practice areas and great attorney bios. It also makes use of a couple sections that are key to this sort of firm's work. Their representative work in business law and financing gives prospective clients a snapshot of the range of tangible services offered by the firm. Their client testimonials, moreover, put professional recommendations from entrepreneurs, investors and CEOs right at a potential client's fingertips.

Website Design for Law Firm Integral Counsel

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Integral Business Counsel PLLC's attorneys are licensed in a number of states. The firm currently has offices in Virginia, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Integral Business Counsel PLLC

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