The Modern Firm Welcomes New Web Design Client: Attorney Coach

Roy S. Ginsburg, J.D., is not our average client, but we think of him as a bit of a kindred spirit whose work, like ours, is aimed at helping attorneys navigate the changing legal climate and achieve success. After years of more traditional legal practice, Roy became a lawyer coach. He now counsels attorneys nationwide on a wide range of business and ethics topics, including business development, practice management, legal career counseling, retirement, and selling your law practice. Roy is also a speaker and author.

Although Roy does not represent our average small law firm website design client, he is certainly in good company. Over the years, The Modern Firm has designed many websites for legal-related organizations, including bar associations and legal networks.

We look forward to working with Roy Ginsburg to update his existing websites featuring his various coaching services for attorneys throughout the United States. Already equipped with a successful web presence, Roy came to us to modernize his websites with the newest in responsive technology. He will also benefit from use of our custom designed WordPress platform, which allows our clients to maintain and update their sites easily over time. The Modern Firm also offers website hosting and helpdesk services.

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