Michigan Nurse/Attorney Commissions New Website from The Modern Firm

Back in 2007, The Modern Firm had the pleasure of designing a solo attorney website for Michigan attorney Carol Holmes. Not your average attorney, Ms. Holmes was also a registered nurse. She brought her medical knowledge to bear assisting assisting nurses, doctors, and other health practitioners with their legal needs. Seven years later, Ms. Holmes is ready to update her website along with her updated practice. Now representing health care professionals in Michigan for over 30 years, Ms. Holmes has begun focusing her practice in the area of health care license defense. Practitioners can get mired in the administrative rules applicable to complaints against their health care licenses. Most importantly, the Michigan regulations allow very little time for practitioners to respond to complaints. Ms. Holmes explains that it is critical for them to be able to easily and quickly locate information and help regarding defending their careers and reputations against possible license suspension or revocation. We look forward to creating a new mobile compatible attorney website design for Ms. Holmes, allowing her clients to locate her services on computers, tablets, or cell phones without the need for additional mobile apps. The site will describe her areas of practice, offer information for health care practitioners and organizations, and provide FAQs to assist nurses and others facing health care license issues in Michigan. Ms. Holmes will also work with our attorney/writers, who will research and draft portions of her website based on her guidance and specifications. Then, we subject each primary page of content to a careful SEO review, ensuring that Ms. Holmes will be better positioned in Google searches by clients seeking her services. Welcome, Carol!
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