New Jersey Family Law Firm Highlights Approach With New Website Design


There are attorneys who care about the spotlight, and there are attorneys who are focused on getting the work done. The attorneys at Family Focused Legal Solutions, in Morristown, New Jersey,  fall squarely into the second group. The firm was founded by attorney Laura Ruvolo Lipp, who was soon joined by her sister, Melissa Ruvolo and other talented attorneys and dedicated staff. The firm, originally known as Ruvolo Law Group, focuses on family law matters such as divorce and child custody.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with naming a law firm after the partners; in fact, the great majority of law firms do. But as this particular firm grew, they realized that they didn’t want to suggest that some attorneys were more important than other team members. They wanted their firm name to emphasize who they serve, and what they do.

Going from “Ruvolo Law Group” to “Family Focused Legal Solutions” was more than just a name change for the firm. The team also wanted to update their website to reflect the warm, welcoming, comfortable environment in which they work with their clients and how they are different from other family law firms.

About the Website

A good website “shows” as well as “tells,” and this one does both with style. From the inviting photograph of the team that is prominently featured on the homepage, to the numerous testimonials from satisfied clients, to the pet profiles, everything about the site is designed to put visitors at ease.

Family law clients are usually facing an unfamiliar legal situation and typically have lots of questions. The website is rich with content that explains the firm’s philosophy and approach and the services they offer. As the firm continues to evolve, the team can easily edit and update their content with The Modern Firm’s easy-to-use custom WordPress content management system. That leaves them time to focus on what they care about most: helping families and children.

The full website may be viewed here:
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Family Focused Legal Solutions serves clients throughout the greater part of North and Central New Jersey.

Family Focused Legal Solutions
360 Mount Kemble Avenue, Suite 3001
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 973-993-9960

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