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Located in Gearhart, Oregon, Coast Family Law provides legal services for family law matters along the Oregon coast.  The firm focuses on taking a personalized approach to every client.

Attorney Chris Palmer, owner of the firm, and his Legal Assistant both have firsthand experience with domestic law matters in their personal lives, which gives them special insight into the emotions and difficulties clients encounter when family law issues arise.  They take time to understand each client’s concerns and goals before explaining all the legal issues relating to the client’s specific matter.

The firm’s services include a full range of family law issues, including divorce and separation, custody and parenting time, and family support matters.  Regardless of the type of matter, clients appreciate the depth of understanding and compassionate approach of Coast Family Law.

Clients also appreciate the detailed explanations and information they receive in the course of representation.  Equally important to clients is the prompt and thorough communication every step of the way. 

The firm approaches every matter fully prepared to go to trial if necessary, while taking advantage of any opportunity to achieve a strategic settlement that accomplishes the desired result.  In this way, attorney Chris Palmer serves each client as both an aggressive advocate and conscientious counselor, adapting to the client’s needs as a matter progresses.

The Website

As a new law firm, Coast Family Law used The Modern Firm’s full website design services to create a new site that effectively communicates everything visitors and potential clients want to know about the firm.  The new website includes all the elements TMF recommends, including separate pages for client testimonials, FAQs, and a resources page that the firm can use to post important articles for potential clients.

The full website may be viewed here:

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Located in Gearhart, Oregon, Coast Family Law serves clients along the Oregon coast, including Clatsop and Tillamook Counties.

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