Southern California Bankruptcy Law Firm Accentuates the Positive with New Website


Some areas of law are more challenging to market than others. Take bankruptcy: no one wants to think of themselves as the type of person who needs a bankruptcy lawyer. So what’s a bankruptcy attorney to do when they need to advertise their services? Simple—focus on the benefits of the solution, rather than dwelling on the problem.

That’s exactly the vision that Seal Beach-based bankruptcy attorney John Pearson had for his new website, Bankruptcy Forward. With his Southern California bankruptcy practice emphasizing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases, John wanted to put the focus not on the bankruptcy itself, but on how it helps his clients move forward with their lives—and every aspect of the website, from content to imagery, is centered around that concept.

The Website

“Erase Your Debt and Move Forward”

John’s goal is to help his clients feel better: about themselves, about the choice to file for bankruptcy, about the bankruptcy process, and most of all, about the future. Because he was creating a new website design from the ground up, he enlisted the help of The Modern Firm’s content and design teams to help convey the impression that bankruptcy can be a wise financial move that creates a bright future.

The website content is woven through with references to forward motion and shedding burdens. Pages describing the bankruptcy process, bankruptcy myths, and bankruptcy FAQs empower clients with the knowledge they need to feel confident about contacting the firm. To help John’s potential clients remember that bankruptcy can be the start of a better financial future, John’s writer drafted a “Famous Bankruptcies” page, highlighting ten famous people who filed for bankruptcy and came out more successful on the other side. The design team created a website with bright, bold colors and simple navigation. Panoramic visuals of sunny roads and outdoor settings beckon visitors to the site forward, into a brighter day.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Based in Seal Beach, California, Bankruptcy Forward represents clients in bankruptcy matters throughout Southern California.

Bankruptcy Forward
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Fun fact: If you were asked to name an American president who went through bankruptcy, Honest Abe probably wouldn’t have been your first guess. Abraham Lincoln actually went through a type of bankruptcy in 1833, before the modern Bankruptcy Code existed. 

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