St. Petersburg, Florida Business Attorneys Commit to Decency and Sustainability


Is "decency" the first word that comes to mind when you think about lawyers? What about "integrity"? We hope you've known some great lawyers and that neither of these words seems like a stretch. But we all are aware of the tarnished reputation that lawyers have in many people's eyes. Indeed, one of the things that makes The Modern Firm team happiest is the fact that we work with small law firms who show just how far-fetched lawyer stereotypes can be. That said, the St. Petersburg, Florida attorneys of Ford & Ford, P.A. take it to the next level.

Harvey and Drew Ford have years of success in business and corporate law and are known for their work in commercial real estate throughout the eastern U.S. But precision in the law — while central to their success — is never their only goal. Rather, they are explicit about their commitments to integrity and decency in their profession. Their intentional, thoughtful approach to transactions and negotiations builds long-term bridges between parties and results in less conflict and ambiguity down the road. 

Moreover, if you're not inclined to equate "commercial real estate" with "environmental sustainability," Ford & Ford is ready to break another stereotype. The firm has a deep commitment to sustainability, born in part from their Tampa Bay area location near Florida's largest open-water estuary. Indeed, they are one of the first law firms in Florida to join We Are Still In, a national group of cities, states, businesses, and universities committed to tackling climate change, promoting clean energy, and upholding the carbon reduction goals of the Paris Agreement.

The Website

The firm's new website captures their character with clean lines and photography featuring both the architecture and natural beauty of their Florida location. In addition to easily accessible pages describing their core practice areas, the site's Representative Matters and In the News sections illustrate specific successes in detail. The Why Choose Us section outlines the firm's ethical and environmental commitments, as well as its long history in the Tampa Bay area.

The full website may be viewed here:

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Ford & Ford, P.A. is based in St. Petersburg. The firm works with clients in the Tampa Bay region, throughout Florida, and elsewhere in the eastern United States.

Ford & Ford, P.A.
147 Second Avenue South Suite 302
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 
Phone: 727-894-2907
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