South Carolina Family Law Blog Makes its Mark


Debating Family Law is a blog devoted to discussing family law and appellate court issues in South Carolina. The blog's authors, Thomas F. McDow and Erin K. Urquhart, are attorneys with the Rock Hill, SC family law firm the Law Office of McDow & Urquhart, LLC. 

In a wonderfully well-crafted and witty explanation of the blog's purpose, primary author Thomas McDow offers an introduction to the hard questions in South Carolina family law he intends to address. After all, "People do not pay lawyers big bucks to answer easy questions.” As he explains, the blog is meant more for South Carolina family lawyers than for laypersons:

Lawyers understand that the law is not “black and white,” clear, or objective and that many facts and factors may affect the proper application of the law to a particular case or issue. I intend this blog to raise questions and stir debate among lawyers, not provide definitive answers to substantive or procedural issues.

Similarly, he urges taking the law — or at least opinions about it — with a grain of salt: "Like The Bible and statistics, people cite or quote the law to support almost any proposition. Never forget that the law, like The Bible and statistics, may be misquoted, incompletely quoted, or quoted out of context."

The Website

"The Golden Rule is Good Law"

The Modern Firm set up the new blog according to the attorneys' specifications. Designed to be an accessible, browsable, conversational blog, it offers features including a list of categories to explore the posts based on subject matter and a moderated comment section.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

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