Richmond, Virginia Tax Attorney Launches New Website that Informs on State and Local Taxation


Richmond, VA tax attorney Christian Tennant brings a lot to his tax practice. His 20+ years of experience includes 6 years at the Virginia Department of Taxation in various policy positions and over 14 years practicing tax law for a large international law firm. Mr. Tennant now brings his tax expertise to the public through the great new website for his law firm, Commonwealth Tax Law

The website of course outlines the tax law services he provides, including counsel on Virginia taxation, on taxation by local Virginia government entities, and on the complexities of multi-state taxation for businesses with online sales or hopes to expand beyond Virginia.

But the new website's most appealing feature is the WordPress blog, where Mr. Tennant shares his intimate knowledge of taxation. As the site explains, Virginia publicly releases more rulings and appellate decisions on taxation than most other states. Yet none of the rulings are indexed or summarized anywhere. And, technically, they have no legal precedence. But they are important because they signal how the Virginia Department of Taxation applies a given tax — which is critical given the Department has been reluctant to promulgate regulations that have legal precedence.

Sounds like a difficult maze to get through, doesn't it? (This is why even attorneys are a little afraid of tax law.) Hence, Mr. Tennant established his blog to help others navigate it.

Congrats on the site launch, Christian!

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Based in Richmond, Commonwealth Tax Law serves individuals and businesses throughout Virginia.

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