Miami, Florida Attorney Gets New Law Firm Website with a Split Personality


Diana Abril of Abril Law, PLLC, in Miami, Florida is an experienced corporate lawyer with a passion for helping special education students and their families. This dual focus created a unique challenge for the branding, design, and content writing teams here at The Modern Firm, as we developed a cohesive website to address both her practice areas and their different target audiences.

Diana Abril isn’t your typical small-town business lawyer. With dual degrees in U.S. common law and the civil law system used in Spain and Latin America, she provides big-law experience to entrepreneurs and international corporations alike. Fluent in both Spanish and French, she facilitates her clients’ growth opportunities in Spain, Latin America and other foreign markets on a per-project basis.

At the same time, Diana is a parent of a child with disabilities. Her compassion for the struggles families face in negotiating special education services shines through. She helps Miami-area parents negotiate Individualized Education Planning (IEPs) and Section 504 meetings, as well as defending special needs students against school disciplinary proceedings.

The Website

Diana’s dual focus presented a special challenge to The Modern Firm team. We pride ourselves in helping our clients develop a brand identity that tells their law firm’s story and appeals to their ideal clients. Abril Law has two very different client profiles. In her corporate practice, Diana works with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and businesses that are large and sophisticated enough to be entering the international market. However, in her special needs practice, Diana works with parents, some of which are non-English speakers, whose primary experience may be as their child’s educational advocate.

The solution was to create a law firm website with a split personality. The Abril Law homepage invites visitors to choose their own adventure, directing them to two parallel websites -- one for general counsel, corporate, and business law services, and the other for special education law and child advocacy. Each website featured service area pages and attorney biographies tailored to the needs and interests of that audience.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

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If your law firm is looking for a way to market toward diverse audiences, we can help. We can construct a brand identity that appeals to each client profile without making you feel like your firm has a split personality. If you'd like to talk with someone about how The Modern Firm approaches developing law firms’ brand identities, please get in touch!

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