Georgia Immigration Attorney Showcases International Practice With New Law Firm Website


When you are going through a challenge that has the potential to change your life forever, it helps to have an attorney who understands what you are going through—not just professionally, but personally. That's what Sunil C. Patel Immigration Law offers clients. Stockbridge, GA-based immigration attorney Sunil Patel devotes his entire practice, and has dedicated his entire career, to immigration law. Himself a first-generation immigrant, Sunil Patel experienced problems with his own immigration process due to oversights by his attorney. With the memory of his own experience in mind, he is committed to do better for the individuals, families, and employers he represents.

Sunil Patel is keenly aware that a seemingly insignificant mistake can have extensive consequences for the life of not just an individual, but his or her family. His focus is on attention to detail, clear, honest communication with clients, and being available to clients. Sunil's clients can reach out to him by phone, text, or e-mail 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because he knows firsthand how stressful the immigration process is, he responds to client concerns as soon as possible.

Attorney Sunil Patel has said, "When you help even one person through the immigration process, you have a profound impact on their life, including their ability to work, drive, and be with their family." Being able to make that positive impact for each client is the reason he practices.

The Website

"Immigration is All We Do: Honest, Experienced Immigration Advice for Individuals, Families, and Employers"

The firm's home page immediately captures the eye with a rotation of full-screen photographs of diverse crowds in urban settings. Each image conveys a sense of urgency and motion. In the center, large test boldly declares the firm's sole practice area, beneath which buttons offer clients the immediate options of either reading about the firm's services or contacting the firm.

The images used throughout the site are at once colorful and subdued, meshing well with the site's color scheme of gray and maroon. Interior pages feature cityscape images in the header and smaller images relevant to the practice area within the page. Judicious use of white space allows readers to focus on the text.

The easy-to-navigate site features a drop-down menu below the header, and a brief contact form on each page, along with a testimonial from one of Sunil Patel's many grateful clients.

The full website may be viewed here:

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Based in Stockbridge, Georgia, attorney Sunil Patel is able to represent clients in federal immigration matters in all 50 states, as well as working with clients outside the United States.

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