Florida Family Formation Attorney Highlights Unique Practice with New Website Design


Practicing in a legal niche is something of a double-edged sword: on the one hand, there are not as many competitors as in more common practice areas. On the other hand, you have to help people understand what you do, and help the people who need those services find you. That’s the challenge that faced attorney Heather Mulroney of ART Family Law. “ART” stands for “Assisted Reproductive Technology,” which is the focus of Heather’s practice, along with parenting partner agreements and estate planning for families of all configurations.

Not everyone needs Heather’s unique brand of experience and legal knowledge. But for those who do, it is important that they be able to find her firm and feel comfortable reaching out to schedule a consultation. The Modern Firm was happy to help with that mission.

The Website

The website is designed in warm tones, with a home page featuring a banner slideshow of all kinds of happy families. Beneath the banner, three prominent buttons help visitors easily navigate to the firm’s three practice areas.

Heather’s law practice requires sensitivity; describing it did, too. Heather took advantage of The Modern Firm’s law firm website writing services to explain her services and the care and compassion with which she offers them. Heather also needed a logo for her law firm, and our law firm logo design team came up with the perfect one: a pair of fingerprint hearts, the smaller one nestled within the larger. The logo represents not only the love between a parent and child, but the uniqueness of each family.

Forming a family, especially after infertility or loss, can feel like it takes a miracle. Thanks to Heather’s new website, finding the right attorney to help with ART legal issues doesn’t have to.

The full website may be viewed here: www.artfamilylaw.com
Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Attorney Heather Mulroney divides her time between Northern Virginia and Miami, Florida and is licensed in both Florida and the District of Columbia

Heather Mulroney, P.A.
(703) 338-0762

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