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a procedure whereby seized goods may be provisionally restored to their owner pending the outcome of an action to determine the rights of the parties concerned.

If you didn't go to law school, "replevin" might not be a familiar word to you. If you did go to law school, "replevin" is probably a vaguely familiar word, the meaning of which escapes you now.

These days, replevin is often more commonly called collateral recovery. A writ of replevin, also called a writ of possession,

is a court order directing the borrower, or anyone in possession of your collateral, to turn the collateral over to local law enforcement. 

This definition is thanks to finance litigation attorney Matthew Wright of the Wright Law Group, PLLC — otherwise known as Wright Law Group chose for its website domain an intriguing archaic name which, nonetheless, refers to a very present legal need. The firm represents creditors in various corners of the nation recover collateral or amounts owed on loans and court judgments. 

Its business model is smart, both for the firm and its clients. By focusing exclusively on finance litigation (collateral recovery, deficiency balance litigation, post-judgment collections, and creditor representation in bankruptcy), its attorneys can move quickly and efficiently in time-sensitive matters. The firm is also able to offer flat fees for routine matters.

The Website

"Finance Litigation Attorneys"

The new website is an original Modern Firm law firm website design built on our custom WordPress CMS for law firms. It features a rotating/slide show animation of the firm's jurisdictions of practice on the home page, as well as enticing and to-the-point main navigation items:  HOME | PRACTICE AREAS | ATTORNEYS | ADVANTAGES | REVIEWS | CONTACT US.

The images used for the attorney profiles add a particularly nice touch: the firm commissioned Wall Street Journal-style "Hedcuts" directly from from artist Kevin Sprouls.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Wright Law Group, PLLC currently practices in California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas.

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