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Keith Gore is an experienced McKinney, Texas criminal defense attorney. You might even say he is one of the “go to” lawyers for complex criminal defense matters the Dallas-Fort Worth area. From our interactions, we've picked up on a few things about Keith. He is smart, personable, and both client and result centered. Those characteristics have the makings for a good attorney.

 His website notes:

A lawyer is your warrior, advocate and voice in the courtroom. Trust your case to someone who cares about the results. Keith Gore has arranged his practice to handle your case in just that way.

Yep, that sounds accurate to us!

The Website

The Facts of Your Case are Unlike any Other

We like to design websites that reflect the personality of that specific attorney. When a client signs up with us, we have an intake interview to learn more about them, their practice, and what makes them different than the bazillion other lawyers in their state. When we talked to Keith, we knew we were designing a website for a traditional guy with an established business. Flashy wasn't going to jibe with him or his client base. Instead, we created a modern but classic website using Design Concept #99 as a point of reference. Content wise, this website does a great job of indicating the type of work he does while letting the testimonials and case results speak the loudest for him.

Keith Gore, Lawyer handles State and Federal Court Representation in Dallas-Fort Worth and throughout North Texas.

Keith Gore, Lawyer
2301 Virginia Parkway
McKinney, Texas 75071
Phone: (972) 529-2220

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