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California appellate attorney Ben Siminou hasn't always pursued appeals for his clients. He also spent almost 10 years as a trial lawyer in San Diego, advocating for plaintiffs, conducting depositions, filing motions ... participating, that is, in each element of a trial that may later form the basis for a finding of error on appeal.

Ben capitalizes on this on-the-ground trial court experience in now advocating for clients before the California Supreme Court, the California Court of Appeal, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. In addition to his appellate work, he brings his experience to bear in offering strategic trial consultation as well as law-and-motion practice to support busy trial lawyers.   

The Website

"Appellate advocacy from a lawyer who knows what it's like to try a case."

The Modern Firm's attorney website design team was excited to work with Ben, who took the axiom that "clients hire people, not mere skill sets" to heart in collaborating on his new website design. As you can see from his home page, it helps to have a fantastic photographer. There, Ben exemplifies the reality that an attorney — as a small business person and, indeed, one upon whom it is incumbent to market himself — can make himself the focus of a website without that site seeming stuffy or boastful. 

Among the site's many great features are a Results page showcasing important cases in which Ben has been involved. The site also illustrates how well testimonials or endorsements can be put to use even in a sophisticated practice.

The full website may be viewed here:

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Based in San Diego, Ben Siminou works throughout California under the auspices of his firm, Siminou Appeals, Inc. 

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