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The Personal Injury Attorney: Bad Rap, or Deserved Reputation?

During The Modern Firm's many years in the law firm website building business, we've worked with many solo attorneys and small firms that practice personal injury law. Personal injury attorneys often get a bad rap. And we have no reason to doubt that there are some less than savory lawyers out there who may deserve the reputation. But, in our experience, the vast majority of injury or accident attorneys that we've come across are ethical, incredibly hard working, and genuinely interested in the welfare of their injured clients.

iowa-personal-injury-law-tabletMarketing for Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury law is a tough game — and just as often, a gamble. Personal injury lawyers generally offer their services on a contingency fee basis: if the client doesn't recover compensation, neither does the attorney. Moreover, online marketing for personal injury attorneys is a sharply competitive arena in most geographic areas. The personal injury lawyer, therefore, can find him- or herself walking an advertising tightrope: he or she has to make strategic decisions about the amount and placement of a marketing budget that connects to right kind of clients who are genuinely in need of legal help.

The Law Firm Website: If You Build it, They Will Come

An overused reference? Probably. An overbroad statement? Definitely. For, launching just any website won't magically bring you the right clients. And even launching the best website won't guarantee you clients in a tight market.

These caveats aside, however, The Modern Firm does strongly believe that launching a good, secure, well-structured and content-rich law firm website is absolutely the first step to successful online marketing in the personal injury legal field. The reasons are numerous, starting with the search engine algorithms that make potential clients aware of your site through to the user experiences that keep visitors engaged and informed, thereby reducing "bounce rates." Google's algorithms alone take into account over 200 factors in determining whether your website is one of the best sources of information or services for a person searching for a "personal injury attorney." Users, of course, rely on many of the very same factors: Is your menu easily navigable? Do the headings on your practice area pages easily guide them to exactly the information they are looking for?

Google may care slightly less about the tie you're wearing in the photo on your biography page, but you see the point. Website design is both a science and an artform, and it is best accomplished in consultation with those who understand the underlying scientific and artistic principals.

lawyers-that-fight-for-you-coverSo, combining search-engine-friendly structure and content with user-friendly structure and content (in a website compatible with all screen sizes) is the first step in creating a meaningful, potentially marketable online presence. And for some firms, with some practice areas, in some geographic areas this is almost all it takes. But for most personal injury firms, a good website becomes a foundation for additional efforts — such as blogging, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and other endeavors — that hone in on target audiences for the most precise and efficient use of limited marketing dollars.

Newest Personal Injury Website Design

Today we launched our most recent personal injury attorney website for Ohio personal injury attorney Mark E. Barbour. Mr. Barbour maintains a broad personal injury law practice, including areas ranging from attorney representation for Ohio auto accidents to advocacy for families claiming wrongful death of a loved one from a variety of incidents.

His new website includes many of the features we recommend for attorneys who are seeking to connect with potential clients searching for an attorney via the internet, such as blogs, case summaries, and a Why Choose Us page aimed at helping clients understand what sets a particular firm apart.

Attorney Barbour has office locations in Westlake and Cleveland, Ohio:


Westlake Location

Mark E. Barbour
24650 Center Ridge Road
Suite 100
Westlake, Ohio 44145
Phone: (216) 771-8188



Cleveland Location

Mark E. Barbour
The Terminal Tower
50 Public Square
Suite 920
Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: (216) 771-8188

The new website may be viewed at:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

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