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Coco Chanel said, “Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity.” Sitting down in a lawyer’s office may not be what she meant by hard times, but for many people, meeting with a lawyer to discuss their final wishes qualifies. Fortunately, attorney Brooke Didier Starks offers warmth and authenticity that puts her clients at ease and makes them comfortable tackling difficult issues.

Brooke is the founder of Legacy Legal, LLC in Champaign, Illinois, a firm that focuses on estate planning and related issues, including planning for farm families. In her over 20 years of estate planning practice, Brooke has come to understand that there are a lot of reasons people are uncomfortable with estate planning.  She wanted her new law firm website not so much to talk about her strengths, but to help her clients understand how she helps them find theirs.

The Website

“Explain. Equip. Empower.”

The problem with trying to convey your authenticity is that telling people about it feels…fake. Brooke didn’t want a “look how great I am” website. She wanted a website that focused on what her prospective clients need: help overcoming the things that are holding them back from planning. So The Modern Firm’s writing centered on Brooke’s approach to helping: explaining the law in an understandable way; equipping clients with the tools they need to plan; and empowering them to use those tools with confidence.

The law firm website design conveys Brooke’s genuineness and down-to-earth nature in a subtle way. The site features relaxed images of her both in an office and spending time outdoors or with family. The soft gold accents in the website design echo colors in the site’s photographs. The logo design, in the same colors with flowing lines, reinforces the warm, easygoing impression.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how warm and comforting a website looks if it’s frustrating to use. The site is easy to understand and navigate, backing up Brooke’s assurance to clients that “You can do this. We can help.”

The full website may be viewed here:
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Legacy Legal, LLC serves clients in Champaign and the surrounding region of Illinois

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