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Layout #108


At the top of this design we have space for a rotating series of photos showing your location, your clientele, or both. There are also buttons on that main image that can link off to your primary practice areas. Below that is a space for a direct call to action to contact you and a contact form. Moving down on the page we can show a few of your associations and awards. Below that is plenty of room for homepage text where you can explain who the firm is and what it's all about. Alongside that text we can introduce the attorneys, have a list of practice areas, and also have a testimonial from one of your clients. At the bottom of the page we have three spaces to show recent blog posts, an excerpt from another page on the site, and your contact information.

The homepage design is long, but will give your clients everything they need right from the homepage. If you're interested in online marketing this design will support everything you need to do.