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Let's be clear on three points.

  • A website can not achieve organic rankings for a topic that is not discussed on the website.
  • A website usually needs more content on a topic than its competition to rank higher.
  • A website needs to prove that it is always improving it's content and keeping it current to maintain rankings.

In other words, in the world of organic search, content is king. In fact, Matt Cutts, Google's webspam guru, has said this exact thing.

This means that a strategy to produce good quality content for the website on a regular basis is essential for the website to rank well. The quantity of content and topics will vary with a law firm's goals and local market conditions. For instance, a small town law firm will need less content than a Chicago law firm.

Our Team

We have a team of professional copywriters led by attorneys with years of practice experience. We can draft content on almost any topic. We use collaborative online tools to communicate, proof and finish content for the website.

What We Write

We can blog for a law firm. We can also write more detailed practice area, or sub-practice area, pages to provide more depth to a website. Depending on your goals, we may also write content that targets suburban or rural communities. We can write longer articles or multi-part pieces on niche topics. We've also written copy for press releases, firm news updates, print brochures and more.

Our Writing Process

Writing is hard work, but our writing process allows us to keep our clients involved and costs under control. Most clients will be on a schedule for us to publish 2-6 pieces of content a month for their website. 

  • Brainstorm - We will talk with the law firm to develop a schedule and list of topics to write about. This will often be a 3-6 month batch of content
  • Research - The writer will research the topics and will have a follow-up conversation with the law firm if needed.
  • Drafting - We will draft the content using our collaborative writing software
  • Optimization - With the client's goals in mind, we will optimize the draft content. This includes analysis of the titles, headings, links and phrasing of the content.
  • Client Review - The client will have a chance to provide a final review of all content. Using the collaboration software the client can make direct edits and say when the content is final.
  • Publication - We will export the content to the website and link to the necessary pages, menus and blog categories. We can even time release a batch of content so that the individual content pieces publish over a scheduled period of time.

Content from the Client

Many of our clients wish to blog or produce content for their websites themselves. We can work with any content provided by the client and it will help the optimization effort. Many of our clients write a blog entry here and there while having us maintain a set writing schedule to keep them on track with their goals.

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