Email Marketing and Drip Campaigns

Law firms do so much to attract new clients but often do little to communicate and market to the clients they already have. There is nothing worse than losing a client or referral because they didn't know you offered a service or forgot your name.

Maintaining light but meaningful contact by email is a terrific way to stay top-of-mind with clients and referral sources. We help law firms design email marketing campaigns. We can draft the email content, develop a design for the emails, send the messages and analyze delivery reports.

There are two main ways that law firms use email campaigns to their benefit.

Traditional Email Campaigns

When a law firm sends out a newsletter, new partner announcement, practice area addition, change in the law or other update this is a traditional email campaign. It is a message sent to a large group of recipients all at once. The firm can control whether the message goes to all subscribers or just a subset.

People receive a lot of email, so it's important to be judicious with a system like this. Never-the-less, it is an affordable and fast way to reach clients and referral sources with important information.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are emails sent to subscribers one at a time, based on some date or characteristic of that person. Here are some examples of drip emails.

  • A business law firm sends clients annual "happy anniversary" emails based on the formation date of the client's business.
  • A bankruptcy firm sends emails about handling collection calls and rebuilding financial security starting on the date the client's bankruptcy was finalized.
  • An estate planning firm sends annual check-up reminders to clients on the anniversary of their estate plan execution.
  • A family law firm sends reminders to update beneficiary information in the months following a divorce.

As you can see, drip email campaigns contain template messages scheduled for delivery based on a specific client event. In the months and years following events like divorce, bankruptcy, estate plan creation and business formation, drip campaigns can automate timely communications with clients. This helps a law firm stay in touch with clients, generates follow-up work and encourages referrals.

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