Mj Highland
Liedle & Larson
California Civil Litigation Attorney

We are a civil litigation firm located in San Diego, California. Most of our business emanates from current client referrals. We were in need of a newly designed and updated website primarily for validation. When we started our search for a web designing firm, we came across many specializing in the legal industry but the majority of them didn’t just want to develop a website, they wanted you to sign a contract for thousands of dollars a month to basically manage SEO. We didn’t need the SEO portion of the equation so we continued our research. Our experience with The Modern Firm was great from the first call made to Kristin who truly listened to what were in need of and didn’t try to sell any services other than designing the website. The team of Chris, Merrill and Michelle took over once we signed our contract and were absolutely wonderful collaborators. Merrill is a great web writer and helped refine our text. Save yourself hours of research if you are a law firm looking for a professional group to handle your website design and any other support you might need, make this your first call.

Google Review, January 2020