WordPress 101: Updating SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions

You can easily edit the title and description that is sent to Google for display in search results. After you make these changes it may take Google a few days to accept the changes. 

Here is how The Modern Firm appears on Google with the SEO title and description outlined:

The Modern Firm in Google Search Results

The blue outlined area is the title, and the red outlined area is the description. The green text in the middle is the "slug" and should only be changed in uncommon situations; avoid changing the slug unless you absolutely must.

Here are the steps required to update the SEO title and Description for blog posts, pages, attorneys, or other types of content on your website:

1. Edit the post/page in question.

2. Scroll down until you see the "Yoast SEO" section.

3. Under the "Snippet Preview", click on "Edit Snippet".

4. Enter in a SEO title and description in the fields.

5. If the color-coded bar under the fields are green then the length is just right. If the title or description is too long it will be orange or red.


WordPress 101 - Updated SEO Titles and Descriptions

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