WordPress 101: Editing Existing Pages / Creating New Pages

Editing Existing Content

Content is divided in different components in the WordPress Dashboard.

All sites have these four main components:

  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Attorneys
  • Practice Areas

Some websites will have additional components:

  • Staff
  • Testimonials
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Representative Cases

No matter what type of content it is, editing it easy in WordPress.

Step 1: Click on the appropriate section (Pages, Posts, etc.)


In the above example, I clicked on "All Pages" to obtain a list of all pages in this particular section.

Step 2: Find the page you want to edit and click the "Edit" button.


Planning on copying and pasting new content? Click here for an important tip!

Adding a New Page

Step 1: Click the "Add New" button.


Note: Sometimes, pages are a sub-category of a main page (also known as a parent item). If the new is a sub-category, you'll need to let WordPress know the main page/parent page it belongs to. 

Check out how it works on our own website:


Step 2: Select the Parent Page (If appropriate)


Leave this area alone if your new page is not a sub-page.

Step 3: Fill In Necessary Sections (Title & Content) 

wp_addpage_contentStep 4: Hit Publish



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