WordPress 101: Creating & Using Categories & Tags


What is a category?

Categories allow for a broad grouping of post topics. Law firms generally group topics by their major practice areas. Generally, your website will launch with some categories to get you going.

You can have one category (i.e. Blog or Articles) or you can set it up in a hierarchy.

For example:

  • Blog
    • Divorce
    • Criminal Defense
    • Real Estate

Do I have to use categories?

You don't need to have multiple categories, however, you do need to at least toggle (check the box for) the main category so WordPress knows where to display your entries (i.e. on your “Blog” page). For most websites, this will either be called "Blog" or "Articles."

How do I use categories?

When you post a blog entry, you simply toggle the category or categories that are most appropriate for the blog entry. (You do not have to toggle the parent category.) If the category doesn't already exist, you can create it by clicking the "+ Add New Category" link. In the below example, I wanted a sub-category called "WordPress Tips." To do this, I typed in "WordPress" tips and selected "Blog" as my parent category.



What is a tag?

Tags provide another way to group related posts together and to tell readers what a post is about. They are more specific than categories. Let's say an attorney writes an article about divorce that also touches on child support and child custody. The attorney may decide to have "divorce" as a category and "child support" and "child custody" as tags.

Do I have to use a tag?


How do I use tags?

You'll find the tag section on the right side of your blog entry. Type the word or phrase you'd like to tag the post with and hit the "Add" button.


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