Pre-made Logo Form

  • Our pre-made logo process gives you a quick way to put together a professional logo. Please review the pre-made logo library and pick one or two for The Modern Firm to mock up.

    This process also includes up to 3 rounds of revisions to finalize the logo to your satisfaction. Revisions are focused on refinements of colors, fonts, or small design details.

    At the end of this process we'll provide digital files for your use.

  • Who should we email when we have logos ready?
  • Logo Choices

    Obviously, we want to hear your first choice! But if a second logo catches your eye let us know and we can mock that up for you too.
  • Please give us the number that appears next to your first choice.
  • If you'd like to see a second option, please enter the number of your second choice.
  • Logo Text

    What text should we include in the logo? If you don't need your initials or a tagline, feel free to leave those fields blank.
  • How should your firm name appear in the logo? Please include all punctuation that needs to be in the name.
  • If you want a tagline or a second line of text in the logo include it here.
  • What initials should the logo include?
  • Other Design Details

  • What are 2-3 colors you like, or think would work well for your logo? Any colors you don't like?
  • Is there anything else we should keep in mind as we work on this logo?