Stephanie Brinkley

Client review by Stephanie Brinkley
Stephanie Brinkley
Brinkley Law Firm LLC
Charleston Family Law Attorney

I have been working with the Modern Firm for about 5 years. I really appreciate how they have taken the time to understand my unique practice. They have allowed me to grow at my own pace and always welcome my project ideas with enthusiasm. With their help, my firm has really taken off and I am excited that with their help, I am growing my team and helping more clients through the use of effective online marketing.

Nothing lasts forever. Law firm partnerships are no exception. If you’ve decided to leave your firm or split with a partner, you’ve almost certainly given some thought to who gets the coffee maker and who gets the sofa.... Read More

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Client review by attorney Deanna Shullman
Deanna Shullman
Shullman Fugate PLLC
Two Attorney Florida Firm
"Starting your own law firm is an overwhelming process from bank accounts to malpractice insurance to corporate documents to transitioning from one firm to another. The ONE thing we did not stress about was our website development. Read More "