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Tommy Henry

Helpdesk / Client Service
Location:  Oklahoma
Phone: (800) 741-8034

Tommy is a born and raised Oklahomie. Tommy began his career in the automotive industry where he managed the online presence for some of Oklahoma’s largest dealerships. After completing his degree in Web Development, Tommy has spent time supporting websites across the country and most recently, as the IT Ninja for the local school district. Tommy is a problem solver who loves helping others and always does so with a smile on his face.


Tommy is here to make your life easier. When you reach out for website support Tommy will be eagerly waiting to put his talents to work. Whether it's a simple update or a more in-depth development task, Tommy wants you to drop it off and know it is taken care of so you can get back to what you do best.

Off the Clock

When he’s not making sure your site is firing on all cylinders, you can find Tommy enjoying the city of Tulsa and all it has to offer. From catching a Drillers game, playing a round of golf, or spending the day at the lake, Tommy enjoys an active lifestyle with his wife, daughter, and beagle Leo who all keep him moving.

What you may not know

  • Tommy moonlights in the spring and summer as a high school baseball umpire
  • Tommy was once the National Runner-Up in a Ford Taurus walk around contest
  • Speaks fluent movie quotes
  • Growing up Tommy’s friends called him “The Book” because of his vault of useless knowledge and ability to explain anything in the simplest terms.
  • Tommy could happily eat pizza every day
  • At barely 5’6”, Tommy relies on his climbing abilities to reach the spice cabinet