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At The Modern Firm, we believe in finding people who are great at what they do, and then trusting them to do what they love.

The great thing about our line of work is that we can work from anywhere - high speed internet required, of course.  We couldn’t call ourselves “modern” if we were all crammed into the same office, could we?

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The Real MVPs

Sure, our people team is fantastic, but we all know the animals are where it's really at! Read More
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Brendan Chard

Location:  Michigan
Phone: 800-741-8034
Brendan primarily works with new clients to uncover their needs and get them on the right path with their online efforts. He oversees the goals, direction and progress of all website and online marketing projects. If you run into Brendan in the wild, you're likely to find him thoroughly enjoying life with his wife Julie, trying to keep up with his son Andrew and step-son Lyle, golfing, mountain biking, doing CrossFit, downhill skiing, hiking or trying something that gets him outside. Read More
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Kristin Lay, J.D.

Director of Website Design and Service
Location:  Ohio
Phone: (800) 741-8034
Kristin’s main role at The Modern Firm is to ensure you have an awesome experience with us from start to finish. Generally, she will be the first team member you’ll chat with when you express an interest in our services. She educates our prospective clients on the design process and ensures we’re a good match for one another. When Kristin isn’t chatting with our clients, you’re likely to find her walking her two dogs and taking advantage of the many nature preserves and parks in her community. Read More
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Erin Ricchiazzi

Director of Online Marketing
Location:  New York
Phone: (800) 741-8034
Thriving in an environment where relationships are in the forefront, Erin works with clients to create strategic content plans to help develop business goals and objectives. As The Modern Firm's Online Marketing Director, Erin leads and trains the marketing team, helps improve our processes and coordinates our more complex client projects. Outside of work, Erin spends time out on the town eating and drinking craft cocktails with friends and family at the latest spot for foodies.  Read More
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Diego Aguirre

Creative Director
Location:  Florida
Phone: (800) 741-8034
As Creative Director at The Modern Firm, Diego leads the charge in branding efforts, both for our clients and internally, and is in charge of crafting the User Experience for our clients’ website designs. Diego is an avid learner who strives to keep our creative work current and fresh, ensuring the best use of UI/UX design best practices. When he’s not geeking out over a UX, you might find Diego editing a podcast episode, listening to a vinyl record, or on a trip with his kids and girlfriend. Read More
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Bryan Glanz

Developer Lead & Technical Marketing
Location:  Iowa
Phone: (800) 741-8034
As Senior Web Developer, Bryan leads our website coding and support team. With over 20 years of programming and marketing experience under his belt, Bryans affinity for design and fascination with learning new coding languages ensures that each site is always on the cutting edge. Read More
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Tommy Henry

Helpdesk / Client Service
Location:  Oklahoma
Phone: (800) 741-8034
Tommy is here to make your life easier. When you reach out for website support Tommy will be eagerly waiting to put his talents to work. Whether it's a simple update or a more in-depth development task, Tommy wants you to drop it off and know it is taken care of so you can get back to what you do best. Read More
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Rebecca Fadel King, J.D.

Senior Copywriter
Location:  North Carolina
Phone: (800) 741-8034
As Senior Copywriter and Branding Specialist for The Modern Firm, Rebecca works with clients to clarify their core messaging and prepares website content. She also helps guide The Modern Firm's position and philosophy on attorney website and marketing copy. When not writing, Rebecca enjoys reading, playing euchre, travel, and cooking, especially various ethnic cuisines. Read More
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Jessica M. Semins, J.D.

Attorney Copywriter
Location:  New York
Phone: (800) 741-8034
Jessica combines her love of writing and passion for the law by creating website content and legal blogs for attorneys in all practice areas. With her legal experience and extensive background in writing, Jessica understands the unique marketing needs of attorneys. She is dedicated to helping attorneys convey their firm’s message through the written word and build relationships with their clients by meticulously crafting every sentence of their content. Read More
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Trinity Reyes

Graphic Design
Location:  Washington
Phone: (800) 741-8034
As the lead designer for The Modern Firm, Trinity enjoys diving into her creativity and coming up with new designs to meet the client's needs. When Trinity isn't designing law firm websites, she loves traveling with her family and spending time outdoors camping, hiking and biking. She also enjoys gardening, sewing, cooking and photography. Read More
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Arni Fornolles

Graphic Design
Location:  Florida
Phone: 800-741-8034
As a graphic designer for The Modern Firm, Arni is deeply involved in developing website design, custom law firm logos, print collateral and other marketing materials for our clients. When not dreaming up law firm logos and website designs, Arni enjoys working on cars; he recently sold the Scion FR-S sports car that he had fixed up. He also enjoys watching Netflix, playing golf, spending time with family, and traveling. Read More
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Dillon Caldwell

Location:  North Carolina
Phone: 800-741-8034
Dillon Caldwell joined our team as a web developer in 2023 bringing his design and coding knowledge to ensure our client's websites look up to date and function that way too. His job at The Modern Firm is to turn your approved designs into fully responsive websites. His favorite part of the job is overcoming challenging responsive layouts and website features, although sometimes stressful the satisfaction of solving them makes it worth it. Read More
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Vickie Douglas

Online Marketing Manager
Location:  Illinois
Phone: 800-741-8034
Vickie’s role at The Modern Firm is to create, implement and report on strategic online marketing plans for our clients. She is an all-round marketing guru and well versed in search engine optimization. Vickie serves as the main point of contact for clients with advanced marketing services and coordinates with the TMF team to pull together and take action on the things needed to achieve meaningful results. Read More
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Paige Silver

Online Marketing Manager
Location:  Pennsylvania
Phone: 800-741-8034
Paige works closely with clients, overseeing their blogs and marketing content. She develops strategic online marketing plans based on each client’s unique needs, implements those plans, and keeps clients apprised of their effectiveness. Paige also optimizes clients’ existing content and consults with TMF’s writers on SEO for new content. Read More
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Alyssa Moncada

Digital Advertising Specialist
Location:  Washington
Phone: 800-741-8034
With a creative and analytical mind, Alyssa works with clients to fine-tune their advertising strategies to achieve their marketing goals and objectives. Much of her work involves auditing, overhauling, and rebuilding Google, Facebook, and local services ads and preparing marketing proposals. Read More
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Camille Ray

Online Marketing Manager
Location:  Colorado
Phone: 800-741-8034
Camille works closely with our clients to understand their marketing goals and develop a strategy to meet those goals. SEO and keyword research feature heavily in Camille’s work; she enjoys putting her experience into action for small law firms and solo attorneys, for whom her marketing skills can make a real difference. Coworkers and clients alike appreciate Camille’s collaborative approach and analytical thinking. Read More
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Anthony Sabatino

Online Marketing Manager
Location:  New York
Phone: 800-741-8034
Anthony evaluates his clients’ marketing needs and crafts a customized marketing strategy. With constant attention to SEO, Anthony is focused on continuous improvement on the search engine ranking of the law firms with which he works. Read More
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Kimberly Ellison

Marketing Administrator
Location:  New York
Phone: 800-741-8034
As Marketing Administrator for The Modern Firm, Kimberly helps make sure our Online Marketing Managers have the foundation they need to make our law firm marketing clients shine online. Read More
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Laura Slider

Office Administrator
Location:  Michigan
Phone: (800) 741-8034
From handling invoicing, bookkeeping and client billing inquiries to keeping the staplers, dry erase markers and batteries all loaded, Laura keeps the administrative side of The Modern Firm running as smoothly and paperlessly as possible. Read More
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