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Okay so maybe that title is a little misleading. At a minimum, it doesn't quite tell the whole story.

For example, it is true that Dana M. Kyle is an estate planning attorney in Las Cruces, New Mexico. But she isn't simply an estate planning attorney. Her law firm, The Law Offices of Dana M. Kyle, P.A., also offers other legal services, including business planning, New Mexico probate law, and real estate law.

It is also true that The Modern Firm took care of some pesky photos of marshes that had popped up on the law firm's site some time in the past few years (despite that the firm never approved those photos and, er, despite the fact that the firm is in New Mexico). But our website design and content teams also worked with Dana and her staff to create a whole new website design with updated text, as well.

As Dana's blog recounts in her awesome post, "Time for a Fresh Look: Lessons From a Law Firm Website Redesign," Dana realized that her prior website had gathered some dust and wasn't being actively maintained. Links were broken. Resources were outdated. Swamps were present. Much like your estate plan or Last Will and Testament written years ago, her website didn't reflect her current needs and goals. TMF was super happy to start from scratch on a new website design and help Dana polish up her existing website text.

Something Old; Something New (and No Swamps)

The fact that we start fresh on some elements of a law firm website but repurpose others reflects an important part of TMF's business model. And in fact it is similar to how many estate planning attorneys operate. Think of your local estate planning firm, which may stick with your family for generations, offering more thoughtful, efficient and legally-reliable service because of its deep knowledge of your goals, assets and personalities. That same firm may help you through the probate process when you lose a loved one, fully aware of his or her last wishes and ready to seamlessly step in and assist. In other words, we're not talking about buying a packaged will on the Internet, where the client's primary goal is a cheap, turnkey product.

Similarly, TMF has long understood that the value of our law firm website design and marketing services lies in our relationships with our clients. We want not only to assist attorneys who want to build websites, but to honestly help them understand their options and needs. We want to help their websites and practices grow — and we even help attorneys wind down or realize monetary gain from their websites when they retire. So, if a particular service will not yield a good return on your investment, we aren't going to recommend it. We'd rather you save money with TMF and thus remain a trusted client over time.

To that end, we can now officially welcome Dana M. Kyle and her team (yes, you too, Oliver) to the TMF family. We're glad Dana chose us not only to build her website but to monitor and maintain it for her. You'll never have to worry about encroaching wetlands again, Dana!

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio

The Law Offices of Dana M. Kyle, P.A. is based in Las Cruces and serves clients throughout Southern New Mexico.

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