New Website and Blog Go Live for Lawyer for FDA Matters


Lassman Law+Policy is the brainchild of longtime D.C. attorney and FDA law advisor Scott Lassman. This new firm concentrates Scott's nearly 30 years of experience in FDA regulatory matters advising pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, as well as their trade associations and investors.

Scott's expertise covers a range of complex matters (we're talking, like, stuff we've never heard of!). One particular emphasis is the area of FDA exclusivity rules. Scott not only assists companies in understanding and taking advantage of exclusivity rules, but is committed to sharing his rare knowledge in this field. The Modern Firm was really happy to support this by incorporating his new, WordPress-based Exclusivity Rules Blog into the new website we just launched for him.

The law firm website, itself, is a study in modern design balancing clean presentation with tons of information, color and visual interest. This balancing act occurs on a tightrope, as website designers for lawyers know too well! Many attorneys come to us requesting, for example, a non-scrolling, extremely simple home page (such as this sort of online-business-card type design). Sometimes this works well. But, more often, postage stamp home pages like this simply don't give prospective clients (or Google, if SEO matters to you) what they need or want. Instead, images, explanatory text, contact information and maps, previews of information within the website, or all of the above can be critical to site visitors finding what they need or being drawn in to discover more. 

The solution is to package information visually in clean, digestible form to avoid sacrificing important content in the quest for abstract simplicity. And the new website for Lassman Law+Policy does this extremely well. The home page is inviting and interesting, but not overwhelming. See for yourself!

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Lassman Law+Policy is based in Washington, D.C.

Lassman Law+Policy
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