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Too Much Non-Billable Work – Hand with Help Sign

How Can I Stop Doing So Much Non-Billable Work?

Too Much Non-Billable Work – Hand with Help Sign If you’ve ever taken an economics class, one of the first things that you learned was the concept of “opportunity cost”: a dollar you spend on one thing is a dollar you don’t have available for something else. The same is... Read More
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Things Have Been Slow: What Can I Do to Boost Calls?

graph_predictable_growth To mix metaphors, as a small business owner, you’re used to juggling all of the hats: keeping the books balanced, handling your paperwork or court dates, and managing everything else it takes to make your firm run smoothly. It may often seem... Read More
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Cursor pointing to http://www.

How Do I Choose a Domain Name for My Law Firm's Website?

Cursor pointing to http://www. Choosing a domain name is something that you'll ideally do just once. Read on to learn important things to consider when picking a name such as ease of use, marketing potential and sellable value.... Read More
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Can Using Avvo Violate Your Bar's Ethics Rules?

avvo_logo-Color_Blue Attorneys who market their services online can feel like they’re facing a field of landmines when it comes to complying with their Rules of Professional Conduct. On one end of the spectrum, older rules fail to address online advertising or... Read More
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Guarantee Stamp

Can You Guarantee a #1 Ranking on Google?

Guarantee Stamp If your law firm’s marketing strategy includes bringing in leads from online searches, keeping your website at the top of the search results is essential. And, with well over 50% of the clicks going to the first 3 results, it’s clear... Read More
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Attorney Testimonial Graphic

Client Testimonials on Attorney Websites: How to Solicit Testimonials or Reviews

Attorney Testimonial Graphic In our recent series of posts on using client testimonials on your law firm’s website, we’ve established that testimonials are an effective client outreach and retention tool and that state rules of professional conduct... Read More
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ABA Model Rule Book

Will the Proposed Changes to the ABA Model Rules on Attorney Advertising Affect Your Practice?

ABA Model Rule Book Just when you thought you understood what you could and couldn't do in attorney advertising, the American Bar Association announced proposed changes to its model rules. Could your website suddenly become a violation of your state's rules of... Read More
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Testimonial – Guy with Megaphone and Foam Finger

Client Testimonials on Attorney Websites: Are They Ethical?

Testimonial – Guy with Megaphone and Foam Finger Ethics and attorney advertising: sticky, significantly different from one jurisdiction to another, and ever-evolving. And the ethics of promoting client reviews or testimonials gets special attention from many bars. Since displaying testimonials... Read More
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Old Computer

Does My Law Firm Need a New Website?

Old Computer Remember the time you had a big hole in the sleeve of your jacket, mismatched shoes, and ink stains on your shirt or blouse when you met with a client? Of course you don’t. That didn’t happen. You know how an unkempt appearance would adversely... Read More
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Telescope with word: Focus

What Is Long-Tail Content?

Telescope with word: Focus If you’ve talked to any member of The Modern Firm after your website launch, you’ll notice a common response to growing your website traffic: more content, more content, and more content. Along with links, Google has confirmed that... Read More
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