Website Launched for Established Atlanta, Georgia, Solo Attorney

Atlanta, Georgia, attorney Marc Hershovitz of Marc B. Hershovitz, P.C. is no stranger to detail. With years of experience under his belt in areas of practice including business contract formation, this lawyer knows how to dot his Is and cross his Ts. A stickler for precision, Hershovitz seems to be exactly the kind of lawyer you should want on your side, whether as outside corporate counsel, during litigation, or on appeal. Indeed, his representative work includes achieving the largest trial verdict in Georgia history and succeeding in the first successful statewide election challenge in U.S. history.

Also committed to the ever-growing movement toward the use of plain language in law, Mr. Hershovitz insists that legal agreements should pass The Mom Test: "A written contract only matters when a dispute arises," he writes in his law firm newsletter, and then

you can’t agree on how to resolve it. When that happens, you’ll need to show the contract to a third party and have them read it. That third party likely will be someone who hasn’t worked in your industry and isn’t familiar with its customs and jargon. More often than not, that third party will be a judge or jury. And who might be on that jury? My mom, who, just like the judge and the other jury members, probably won’t know the first thing about the subject of your contract. ... [So,] before you sign your next contract, you should ask yourself whether my mother would understand it. If the answer isn’t yes, then you shouldn’t sign it.

This is all to say that Marc Hershovitz knew what he wanted from an attorney website and, like in his own work, he demanded nothing but the best.

The Modern Firm is therefore particularly pleased to launch his new website today, and to have fulfilled his expectations. His custom-tailored attorney website includes areas for him to describe his areas of practice, highlight his representative work, and feature client reviews of his work. The site also creates an online home for his newsletters — which are an enjoyable read whether or not you are a mom.

Congrats to Marc and The Modern Firm design team for a job more-than-well done!

Marc B. Hershovitz, P.C., is located in One Alliance Center on Lenox Road, across from Phipps Plaza:

Marc B. Hershovitz, P.C.
One Alliance Center
4th Floor
3500 Lenox Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
Phone: (404) 262-1425

The new website may be viewed at:

Or learn more about the website design concept on which the new site was based.

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