Washington D.C. Telecommunications Law Firm Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary


The Modern Firm was pleased to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lawler, Metzger, Keeney & Logan, LLC this year with the launch of a new law firm website. A Washington, D.C. based law firm, LMKL advises and represents clients in sophisticated telecommunications regulatory matters at the state and federal level, including before the FCC.

When you read about these lawyers' impressive backgrounds, you'll understand all the more why we urge that attorney biographies are often the most important pages of a law firm website. From recognition in US News & World Report to representation of clients like Sprint and Comcast, these folks have the kinds of track records that prospective clients and referral sources need to see.

And they really did their online profiles well. Just a glance at their headshots shows all the difference a really good photographer can make. And each profile itself features a clean, easy-to-navigate layout with all critical contact information, a narrative background, and key points such as the lawyer's educational background and professional associations. Further, a Print button allows website visitors to easily print a clean, well-designed copy of each profile.

The other critical thing that an established, sophisticated firm like this needs for their website? Effort-free hosting and maintenance. When a client or colleague needs to access their website, it needs to load fast, look great, be free of technical and security glitches, and otherwise represent the firm well. TMF is happy to oblige!

Happy anniversary LMKL!

The full website may be viewed here: www.lawlermetzger.com.

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio

Lawler, Metzger, Keeney & Logan, LLC is located in Washington, D.C.

Lawler, Metzger, Keeney & Logan, LLC
1717 K Street, NW, Suite 1075
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 777-7700

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