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The Tulsa, Oklahoma attorneys of Titus Hillis Reynolds Love have as varied a legal practice as they come. Accordingly, their new website is a case study in presenting lots of information while keeping it extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.

If the firm has a particular focus, you might say it is serving as local counsel in Oklahoma, where the team has decades of connections and experience. We particularly like the way they use the new website to promote their availability to work as local counsel or co-counsel in OK, while assuring referring attorneys of the bounds of Titus Hillis's relationship with the referred client:

Whether through referrals or co-counsel relationships, we appreciate the relationship a law firm has with a referred client and will respect and honor that relationship. We seek to provide superior results for you while working carefully to guarantee that your relationship with your client is strong and secure when our business together is completed. Our firm respects the relationships we have with referring counsel, and we limit our role to the representation that you have requested. 

The Website


Sometimes you just gotta love a good law firm website rescue. Law firms often come to us with outdated or malfunctioning websites, from which they want to preserve good textual or design elements while relaunching on a better platform with updates to visual and content elements. Perhaps even more often, they come to us excited to escape expensive, faceless law firm website providers like FindLaw to gain more control over the cost and function of their websites. Still others come to us in the midst of a redesign project that has gone awry, with near-finished design and content in hand to which we apply The Modern Firm magic.

What's really satisfying about these projects is a combination of the fresh start the law firm gets, and the wisdom they've gained from prior experience. We love working with firms who have learned just what they want — and what they don't want — from a website designer or host. We are committed to offering a totally transparent process during which the client retains a comfortable level of control and our website designers and marketers provide straightforward advice about what we think will work for them, why, and what return-on-investment they can anticipate. 

We really appreciated working with the super organized and straightforward team at Titus Hillis and are so excited to get this new website up and running for them. 

The full website may be viewed here: www.titushillis.com.

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Based in Tulsa, Titus Hillis Reynolds Love represents international, national, and regional businesses.

Titus Hillis Reynolds Love
First Place Tower
15 East Fifth Street, Suite 3700
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103-4304
Phone: (918) 587-6800

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