Towson, Maryland Tax Attorney Launches New Firm with New Website


When Maryland tax attorney Jim Liang decided to go out on his own and launch his new firm, he understood the importance of having a professionally designed website to attract clients. Jim wanted to attract clients who specifically need help with civil tax issues, including IRS audits, examinations, and tax litigation.

Jim concentrates his practice exclusively in the area of civil tax law. Jim has been practicing as a CPA in Maryland for over eighteen years and has over a decade of legal experience representing clients in audits, collections, and disputes with the IRS and Comptroller of Maryland.

The Website

Your Tax Advocate

As Jim knows well from his work, when you need help, it is important to know which professional to call. When Jim needed help with attorney website design for the launch of his new firm, he called The Modern Firm!

Jim knew what he wanted in regard to website design: professional, clean design with detailed, informative pages that would attract potential clients. When clients are looking for a tax attorney, they need detailed information that will help them determine the next steps to take and whether they are contacting the right firm to assist them. They need to know they can relax knowing they have excellent legal counsel to represent them through their tax issues.

From the home page, Jim’s website conveys the message that Jim is a tax advocate helping his clients eliminate tax problems. The site design makes it easy for potential clients to navigate and find the information they need, whether they are a non-filer or facing an audit.

Jim understands the importance of hiring the right professional for the job. That is the reason he took advantage of The Modern Firm’s website hosting and upkeep to ensure his website runs smoothly and is up-to-date with relevant knowledge to attract potential clients.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio

Located in Towson, Maryland, the Law Office of Jim Liang, LLC assists clients with federal and Maryland tax issues.

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