The Modern Firm Launches Website for Washington D.C. Collaborative Law Group

The DC Academy of Collaborative Professionals — or DCACP — is a network of attorneys, financial professionals, mental health professionals and child specialists who work with families to achieve collaborative solutions to matters including divorce and child custody. Their members are participants in the increasingly active collaborative law movement, which The Modern Firm has learned much about through our attorney clients in the field of family law. The mission of collaborative practitioners is to reach mutual resolutions of conflicts in a supportive, out-of-court environment. Aware of the damage that can be done to families — and especially children — during aggressive litigation of family law issues, these attorneys and specialists seek a more holistic, cost-effective approach with the ideal goal of improving the family dynamic. As DCACP puts it, the collaborative process provides "a respectful way to resolve disputes." Today The Modern Firm completed a much-anticipated custom website for DCACP highlighting its members and services. The website centers on its members area, which allows DCACP professionals to log in and create individual profiles detailing their collaborative work and contact information. The public, in turn, can browse each biography when looking for the right collaborative professional to suit their needs. The site also lists training events for collaborative attorneys and other practitioners and provides a wealth of resources for the public about the nature and benefits of collaborative practice. The Modern Firm truly appreciated the opportunity to provide a new website for this innovative group. The new website may be viewed at:
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