The Modern Firm Launches New Website for Scottsdale, AZ Law Firm

Scottsdale, AZ, attorney Sharon Urias has years of experience in business litigation and law governing trademarks and internet domain names. Attorney Andy Urias fights for the rights of accident victims, taking on not just personal injury cases, but cases in which an insurance company has improperly denied coverage to an injured person. Together, this husband and wife team leads Urias Law Offices of Scottsdale.

To showcase the firm's range of practice areas, The Modern Firm provided a customized law firm website design allowing for easy client access to—and in depth coverage of—each of the firm's primary services. The site also features separate blogs focused on distinct areas of the law. Finally, the site was topped off by breathtaking photography from Arizona.

With regard to written content for the site, The Modern Firm's writers worked with the law firm to review their existing text and write new content to welcome prospective clients and describe the firm's strengths. Careful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also highlights the firm's geographic areas of practice and targets particular out-of-state clients who require legal assistance for limited matters in Scottsdale or Arizona.

Finally, Sharon and Andy couldn't have been more wonderful to work with. We at The Modern Firm wish them the best and know their new website will serve their practice well!

Urias Law Offices serves clients throughout the Phoenix area from their office in Scottsdale:

Urias Law Offices PLLC

8585 East Hartford Drive, Suite 700

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Phone: (480) 306-5458

The new website may be viewed at:

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