The Modern Firm Launches New Website for Cybersecurity Services Firm

Remember the huge data breach associated with Target in 2013, when 110 million private records were compromised by hackers? If you were like many of us at The Modern Firm who had shopped at Target using a credit card that year, you might have been convinced of the seriousness of the breach when your bank and credit card companies automatically sent you new cards during the weeks after the breach.

Imagine, for a moment, the difficult position Target executives found themselves in: although technically the company had been the victim of cybercrime, Target itself in part became the villain of the piece: consumers feared disclosure of their private data and pointed fingers at Target's policies for data retention and encryption.

It is precisely these sorts of situations that attorney and data breach expert John Reed Stark — of the newly formed John Reed Stark Consulting, LLC — finds himself confronting every day. Stark understands the ins and outs of cybersecurity, data breach response and cyberinsurance (yes, this exists!), among other things. And one of his primary services involves advising the boards of directors of corporations regarding their fiduciary responsibilities to protect consumer data, and to respond to data breaches appropriately when they occur. As Stark's new website suggests:

Experiencing a corporate cyber-attack is not a matter of “if” but “when” and boards of directors are quickly realizing that cybersecurity risk, formerly the province of corporate IT executives, has suddenly become fertile boardroom territory.

This was a fascinating project for The Modern Firm's writers and designers. And it presented a particular challenge: someone with the technical savvy and sophistication of John Reed Stark needs to have a pretty spectacular website! Our graphic designers worked around the clock to create a fitting new logo, and our coders designed the site structure and colors around it. Consistent with John's expertise in his field, our web architects and writers also assisted him in creating a site that could house the information he produces and collects — both in article form and within an events calendar listing John's regular speaking engagements — about data breach and incident response.

We enjoyed working collaboratively with John on the project and took pride in launching his site today. Congrats, John, on the new venture!

John Reed Stark serves clients throughout the U.S. and internationally from his Maryland office:

John Reed Stark Consulting LLC
4800 Hampden Lane
Suite 200
Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: (301) 335-8387

The new website may be viewed at:

Or learn more about the website design concept on which the new site was based.

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