The Modern Firm Launches New Website for Chicago Truck Enforcement Defense Attorney

Okay, so truck enforcement defense isn't Chicago attorney Sean Connolly's only area of practice. His firm, Connolly Law Office, also practices Illinois criminal law and offers general civil litigation services. But truck enforcement defense is such an unusual area of law that it caught the eyes of the attorneys here on staff at The Modern Firm. Here's the upshot: trucking companies, semi-trailers, waste haulers, and other freight carriers are required by law to comply with weight limits on state and local roads. Violations of these limits incur fines from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Apparently, for many trucking and similar companies, it is common practice to simply — if reluctantly — pay these fines as an unavoidable cost of doing business. Enter the overweight truck defense attorney. Attorneys like Sean Connolly know the ins and outs of weight laws and help advise clients who do not owe the fines for which they are cited — or who owe lower fines than their citations reflect. Interestingly, there are also slightly different rules applicable to tow trucks in Illinois. Again, Connolly recommends that drivers who are stopped because they might have violated one of these rules should consult an attorney to discuss the full extent of their liability, if any. The fascinating intricacies of truck weight laws aside, The Modern Firm was pleased to launch this updated website for Mr. Connolly's firm. A valued website design client for years, he came to us for a cost-effective upgrade that would bring his law firm's site into 2015. We did just that, re-coding the website to be fully responsive to all of today's mobile devices and transferring the firm's existing website content to our law-firm-friendly WordPress CMS. To Mr. Connolly: thanks for sticking with The Modern Firm! We know the new website will serve you well. Connolly Law Office serves Illinois from its Chicago-area office: Connolly Law Office P.C. 115 W. 55th Street Suite 400 Clarendon Hills, Illinois 60514 Phone: (630) 986-8090 The new website may be viewed at:
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