Texas Appellate Law Website Launches Today

The Modern Firm's second website launch today is for the Texas-based appellate attorneys of Rosenthal Weiner LLP. Texas Board Certified civil appellate lawyers Brent Rosenthal and David Weiner have been at their craft for a while — each has served as a successful appeals attorney for over 25 years. More recently, they joined forces as Rosenthal Weiner, and commissioned a new website for their newly-created firm.

A major feature of their new website is a clarification of the services that appellate attorneys can provide to their clients. Most of us are aware that those with appellate specialties can take over after a trial gone awry to prepare, file, and argue on appeal. This traditional work can involve assembling the trial record, often extensive briefing, and sometimes even mediation between the parties during the appellate process.

But appellate lawyers do much more than appeals. Many, like Rosenthal Weiner, also offer trial consulting services. These services provide a strategic advantage at the trial stage, not just through assistance with interlocutory appeals, but with preserving errors for the record, with jurisdictional and summary judgment motions, and with a range of other matters — from preparation of the jury charge to judgment formation — that help trial lawyers to preserve their arguments for appeal or insulate their successes from being overturned.

The Modern Firm created a simple, elegant new website for Rosenthal Weiner. As established attorneys busy with their successful practice, Brent and David did not have a great need for online bells and whistles. We believe the final design suits them well and properly reflects their years of experience.

Rosenthal Weiner works with clients throughout Texas and nationwide from their Dallas offices:

Rosenthal Weiner LLP

12221 Merit Dr.
Suite 1640
DallasTexas 75251
Phone: (214) 871-6600

The new website may be viewed at: www.rosenthalweiner.com.

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