Temecula Law Firm Has Divergent Practice Areas, Cohesive New Website


When you think of practice areas that go together, estate planning and employer-side employment law might not leap to mind. But for attorney Jenny D. Shin of Temecula, California firm JDS Law, Inc., the two areas have a lot in common: they involve helping clients to plan for the future and be proactive about preventing problems. There’s even a bit of overlap between them; Jenny helps business clients with succession planning, which is a lot like estate planning for businesses.

Jenny is an experienced attorney, but, like many of The Modern Firm’s clients, is taking the helm of a firm for the first time. She needed a website that could not only get the attention of prospective clients and convey her qualifications, but speak to two distinct audiences: her business clients, and her individual estate planning clients.

The Website

“Helping California Businesses and Families Plan for Success”

A website is only effective if the people reading it feel like it’s speaking to them. That can be a challenge when, like JDS Law, Inc., the firm represents very different groups of clients. If the website is general enough to address all clients, it might not meet the needs of specific clients. If the site focuses on one group, it might exclude another.

The Modern Firm’s designers helped Jenny avoid this problem by leaning into it: the home page prominently features links “For Businesses” and “For Individuals & Families” against corresponding photo backdrops. Readers can choose the side they need and easily access information that’s relevant to them, bypassing content that isn’t.

While the website has two distinct sides, it has a unified, cohesive appearance, with the same vibrant color scheme echoed throughout. The site is easy to navigate so that, should clients want to move from one practice area to the other, they can easily do so.

And because running a law practice is enough to keep anyone busy, Jenny opted to take advantage of The Modern Firm’s website hosting and upkeep service. We take care of the website so Jenny can take care of her clients.

The full website may be viewed here: www.jdslawyers.com
Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Located in Temecula, California, JDS Law, Inc. serves businesses, families, and individuals.

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