Sleek New Website Design Launched for New Jersey Law Firm

The new website design for the Roseland, New Jersey, attorneys of Walder Hayden is the epitome of sleek, business-card-like websites. As one of The Modern Firm's newer, mobile-responsive law firm website designs, this design is not for everyone. We recommend different site designs and structures on the basis not just of a law firm's aesthetic preferences, but also based on their internet marketing goals, practice areas, and client base.

The business-card-esque home page of sites like Walder Hayden's — although visually impressive and often requested by our clients — has trade-offs: SEO value is limited for a home page with minimal text. But it's perfect for a well-established firm like this one, which gets its business almost entirely by word of mouth and repeat clients. The primary goal of their site is what we usually call "validation." It serves as a calling card, highlighting the firm's attorneys, history and practice areas. The site also provides a home for their blog and their Twitter feed.

Our designers were particularly proud to launch this site and we wish the attorneys of Walder Hayden continued success.

Walder Hayden serves individuals and businesses in a range of practice areas, including such niche areas as health care fraud criminal defense, insurance coverage litigation, and acting as sophisticated local New Jersey counsel.  Their offices are in Roseland:

Walder Hayden

5 Becker Farm Road

Roseland, New Jersey 07068

Phone: (973) 992-5300

The new website may be viewed at:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio and learn more about the website design concept on which the new site was based.

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