On the Tenth Day of Websites: San Gabriel Valley, CA, Car Accident Attorney

10th Day of WebsitesWorking on the new website for the Law Offices of Laurence P. Posner was a fun learning experience for us. From time to time, we work with bilingual and multilingual law firms. But with no one on The Modern Firm staff who speaks Mandarin or Cantonese, it was an exciting challenge to put together a site for this Chinese speaking personal injury law firm.

In 2000, San Gabriel, California, attorney Laurence Posner became the principal of the Jing Li Sun Law Firm, now also known as the Law Offices of Laurence P. Posner. His staff speaks Mandarin and Cantonese, and are available around the clock. Indeed, more than anything, the firm's mission is centered on service. Committed to a caring approach, the team visits clients in the hospital, assists car accident victims with car rentals and repairs, and monitors clients' medical care. 

The firm assists with a range of personal injury matters, but Mr. Posner is particularly well known for his 20+ years of work in the San Gabriel Valley as a car accident attorney. Impressively, he is also proactive in the field, offering free information on traffic accident preparedness and on appropriate California auto insurance coverage.

The Website

"Serving the Southern California Chinese Community for Over 20 Years"

The website reads in a combination of English and Chinese. Initial search engine optimization was carefully crafted to help the clients who need the firm's services to find Mr. Posner and his team in a number of ways, including though Google searches for: the firm by name in English; the firm by name in Chinese; personal injury services in English; personal injury services in Chinese; and "Chinese speaking law firm" in English.

In addition to the bilingual nature of the site, it is particularly visually accessible — including, for example, graphic buttons featuring the firm's major practice areas. Thematically, the site overall emphasizes the customer-service orientation of the firm. 

California Law Firm Website DesignBased in Alhambra, the Law Offices of Laurence P. Posner serves predominantly Chinese clients living in the San Gabriel Valley and greater Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Law Offices of Laurence P. Posner
388 East Valley Boulevard , Suite 205
Alhambra, CA 91801
Phone: (626) 979-5650
Toll-Free: (866) 740-0888

The new website may be viewed here: www.lawposner.com.

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

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