San Diego, CA law firm website: beautiful sailboats; no gimmicks.


The California attorneys of Liedle, Larson & Vail, LLP chose a captivating flagship photo (pun intended) to lead off their new website. The colors of the photo are of a piece with the site design itself. And the nautical, navigational theme suits the firm's practice — and its commitment to Clarity and Direction — well.

Liedle, Larson & Vail is a civil litigation firm with years of experience in complex negotiation, arbitration and trials. They were a great fit for The Modern Firm's website design sensibilities for several reasons.

Solid designs — not fly-by-night fads.

Perhaps most of all, TMF simply isn't into gimmicks. We stay away from non-user-friendly animations and movement. We avoid flashy features that show off a coder's work instead of showcasing the law firm itself (and that, more often than not, cause slow loading speeds and don't work for some users). We build websites that are beautiful, communicative, functional and with as much design longevity as possible. We provide solid designs — not fly-by-night fads. And this is exactly what an established law firm with a sophisticated practice needs.

Bells and whistles? Yes. But only the ones you actually need!

Now, our websites are not without bells and whistles. We simply put function over overwrought filigree. For example, this firm needed an easily updated section of their website to promote their Case Law Updates covering important legal developments with briefs they also email to their clients. This section allows them to publish the full text of their legal summaries, where appropriate, as well as to easily store and link to resource documents that their clients can view or download.

Another of our favorite technical features is the automatic interlinking of attorney profiles with related practice areas (and vice versa). It might seem like a minor perk that the firm can check a box for each relevant practice area that each attorney should be associated with. But think forward to how individual attorneys' practices shift, to practice areas themselves being phased out if a partner leaves or retires, to turnover in associates, and to periods of leave for, say, maternity or paternity time. When it comes to your public persona as reflected by your website, any of these events means website adjustment. Would you prefer to manually search your site for each time a practice area or attorney is mentioned in order to delete or adjust the references? Or, when an attorney leaves or you no longer practice in a given area, would you like to click a button and have the relevant references automatically adjust? You choose option B? We thought so. You're welcome!

Congrats to the great folks at Liedle, Larson & Vail on their website launch.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio

Based in San Diego, Liedle, Larson & Vail, LLP also has offices in San Francisco, Sacramento, and Fresno. The firm practices throughout California.

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