Salt Lake City, Utah Law Firm's Promise: Fair Prices


These days, law firms aren't quite as infamous for confusing or padded fees as they used to be. Thank goodness. One of many reasons for this is that legal consumers have taken to the internet, which allows for comparison shopping and somewhat levels the playing field for smaller law firms. As legal practice becomes less shrouded in mystery, consumers reward transparency and expect competitive levels of customer service.

Fair Price Lawyers in Salt Lake City, Utah took the cue and leans into the new atmosphere. The firm's new Modern Firm website explicitly lays out both its Fair Price Guarantee® in personal injury cases and its specific hourly and retainer rates for family law cases. It allows clients to have a concrete sense of what they're getting into, financially, when they hire the firm. With regard to customer service, the firm also offers online forms and payments.

Now, there are other fairly transparent services out there, particular legal package offerings from internet-based companies where a consumer can either buy legal documents or contract with an affiliated lawyer. What we love about Fair Price Lawyers' approach is that, like this Texas online estate planning attorney, the firm is not an anonymous corporate service. Rather, these individual attorneys founded firms that offer the best of both worlds: transparent legal services provided by a local, accountable attorney.

Congrats to Fair Price Lawyers founder Joshua Lucherini!

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Fair Price Lawyers is based in Salt Lake City and offers family law and personal injury law services in Utah. The firm also has a Nevada personal injury law practice.

Fair Price Lawyers
2150 South 1300 East, Suite 500
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Phone: (435) 777-3304

How is your small law firm competing in the age of the internet? What's your special sauce?

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