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The Modern Firm was pleased to launch a better law firm website for the Salem, Oregon family law attorneys of Litowich Law PC — they deserved better, just like their own clients do! It means a lot to us that we get to help small law firms establish websites as platforms for the firm's approach and philosophy. As we recently discussed in our article, "Share The Dang Recipe!" (a/k/a "What's Your Special Sauce?" and "Why Law is Like Meatloaf"), small firms and solo attorneys don't offer turnkey services that clients order up based on price points. Rather, in this age of Amazon and LegalZoom, small firms remain among local purveyors of personalized, hands-on service.

If you think you have a rote legal issue that simply requires the right form or can be addressed by remote, potentially automated legal advice, you may not need a local lawyer. But if you're facing a complex or personal legal issue — like divorce or a child custody dispute — it goes almost without question that you'll be best served by a local attorney who can meet with you personally to ask you questions, learn about your goals and relationships, and advocate for you before local judges.

Of course, not all local divorce attorneys are alike. You also need to find an attorney whose approach and personality feel like the right fit for you. Because you may start your search on the Internet, The Modern Firm works diligently with our law firm clients to help them truly convey their approaches and personalities — their special sauces, if you will — through their law firm websites.

This wasn't difficult with Salem family law attorney Sarah M. Litowich and her team! With a well-established practice and mission, Sarah led the way in defining the characteristics her website should embody. In a nutshell, she describes their attorneys as:

  • Your advisor. "At Litowich Law, you will find that our attorneys provide you with information and feedback so that you can make informed decisions. They don’t tell you what to do or pressure you into making choices you might not want to make."
  • Your advocate. "Effective advocacy is largely relationship management and the ability to influence decisions. The attorneys at Litowich Law study influence and decision making so that they can better understand how people make decisions ... [and] present your case in a compelling and convincing format."
  • Your scholar and writer. "The attorneys at Litowich Law read the law daily and exceed the number of annual Continuing Legal Education requirements each year."
  • Your gatekeeper. "Litowich Law uses a zero-knowledge, end to end encrypted cloud server, and only Litowich Law has the key. ... Your data is safe, secure, and accessible to you and the Litowich Law team when and where you and they need it."

Well said, Sarah!

See the website for yourself:

The full website may be viewed here:

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Based in Salem, Litowich Law PC serves clients throughout Oregon.

Litowich Law PC
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Phone: 503-419-6422

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